How to File a Claim

We’re sorry if an unfortunate event occurred during your travels. However, we are happy to provide a silver lining. If an event covered by your policy interferes with your trip, please call us immediately. We can assist you by opening a case for you, referring you to a medical provider and monitoring your care. Once you have returned home and have provided the necessary supporting documents, we will process your claim and will be available to answer any questions you have.

How to File a Medical Claim


To file a claim for Out-of-Country medical expenses, please call the Emergency Assistance phone number located on your Confirmation of Coverage or Declaration Letter, or your policy of insurance. Toll-free numbers listed will work from within North America. We can also be reached by calling collect if you are outside North America. If you require medical care while travelling, please contact us prior to seeking treatment if possible. In the case of a medical emergency, seek medical treatment immediately then have a family member or hospital staff member contact us as soon as possible on your behalf.

How to File a Non-Medical Claim


To file a non-medical claim (i.e. Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Lost or Delayed Luggage, etc., Allianz Global Assistance’s online claim portal is available to you anytime, anywhere. Alternatively, please call the Emergency Assistance phone number located on your Confirmation of Coverage or Declaration Letter, or your policy of insurance. We will open a claim for you and explain the documentation re


Before you leave for your trip, please remember to review your insurance policy. There are certain restrictions and exclusions on your benefits that can affect your coverage. These are included in the Policy of Insurance which will be sent to you when your policy is purchased. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the types of situations that are eligible for coverage, as well as those that are not eligible. If you have any questions about your coverage, you can contact us via the phone numbers listed on your Confirmation of Insurance/Declaration Letter or insurance policy. We’re happy to help! visitors to canada insurance

TripWise Mobile App

Pair your travel insurance purchase with the TripWise app from Allianz Global Assistance Canada.

TripWise provides useful tools to help you navigate emergencies anytime you are travelling outside of your province of residence or Canada. 

Why should I download the Allianz Global Assistance app?

TripWise prepares Canadian travellers for the unexpected while abroad with valuable travel assistance tools – and it’s FREE! You’ll feel empowered while travelling with quick access to: 

Flight Status: Track any  flights within the next three days for delays or flight changes.

Hospital Search: Use the GPS locator to find an accredited, local hospital at your travel destination.

RX and First Aid Terms: Use the handy medical dictionary with internationally recognized names of common prescription medications, or translate popular first aid terms in over 15 languages.

Country Information: Access to real-time travel alerts and security information from the Government of Canada, as well as, local emergency services numbers (911), for over 195 destinations.

Best of all, you can personalize TripWise with your 24/7 Emergency Assistance phone numbers located in your travel insurance documents or wallet card!

Stay safe and TripWise. Download the TripWise app on the Apple App Store or Google Play today!

*Allianz Global Assistance does not charge for this service. Message and data rates may apply from your mobile carrier. iOS, iPhone and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.


To help you with your medical emergency, below are a few of the most common questions answered.

Q: What do I need to know before I travel?

A. Click here to view and download an informational brochure that you can take with you on the trip. Some of the key points included are:

  • What to do in the event of an emergency while traveling

  • What documents you should take with you

  • How to register your travel location with the Canadian Government

Q: What should I do and what will happen if I have to be hospitalized?

A: If you are able to, please contact us before seeking medical treatment. We can assist by providing a referral to the nearest medical facility with appropriate levels of care, and contacting them on your behalf in advance so they are prepared when you arrive. In the case of a medical emergency, contact our Emergency Assistance team (or have a family member contact us on your behalf) within 24 hours of being admitted. We’ll take care of the rest by:

  • Confirming coverage with the medical facility

  • Doing our best to ensure that you receive the necessary medical treatment

  • Communicating with both treating and family physicians to determine eligibility as soon as possible

  • Arranging billing procedures

  • If required, arranging for air ambulance to return you to Canada

Q: Doesn't my credit card, homeowner's, or regular medical insurance policy provide coverage for me while I am travelling?

A: Always review the details of your primary travel insurance coverage before leaving home, and contact your travel insurance supplier if you have any questions about your coverage.

  • Many credit cards and homeowner's insurance policies do not cover everything you require, such as coverage for specific types of emergencies or Trip Cancellation and Interruption.

  • Both credit cards and homeowner's policies may provide limited coverage. Depending on the type of card you have or coverage you have selected, benefits may vary.

  • Many health insurance plans do not provide payment directly to foreign hospitals, may have a deductible, and/or will not cover the cost of emergency medical transportation.

  • Ensure you’re protected by reading and understanding the details of your travel insurance coverage before leaving home.

Q: Can I cancel my trip for any reason and get all my money back?

A: Not all reasons for trip cancellation are covered. If the travel insurance policy you’ve purchased includes Trip Cancellation coverage, your benefits should refund prepaid, nonrefundable trip payments or deposits if you have to cancel for a covered reason. Covered reasons may include: sudden and unforeseen medical emergencies, if your home is made uninhabitable by fire, flood, burglary, vandalism or natural disaster, hijacking or quarantine. Please read your policy terms and conditions to find out exactly what is covered.

Q: Are there events or medical conditions that are not covered?

A: Every insurance plan contains restrictions and exclusions. For more information, review the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy before leaving so you fully understand your coverage should a medical emergency arise.

Q: Will travel insurance cover me anywhere in the world? Are there certain countries where the benefits are limited?

A: Most travel insurance plans do not cover expenses related to travel in any countries for which the Canadian government has issued a Travel Warning in writing. For more information, review the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy before purchasing to ensure you will have coverage at your planned destination.

Q: Will I have to pay out of pocket for any medical expenses?

A: Whenever possible, Allianz Global Assistance will arrange billing with the health providers our members visit. However, international borders can sometimes limit our ability to do so. It is always a good idea to bring an extra reserve of funds in case any unexpected emergencies occur where advance payment is required.

Q: Why do I have to complete the provincial health claim forms when submitting a claim?

A: Travel insurance is designed to pay in excess of provincial health plans. As a service to our customers, Allianz Global Assistance has made arrangements with most provinces to pay claims first, and then submit your receipts and original bills to your provincial health plan for reimbursement. For the necessary claim forms, please call our office using the phone numbers on your travel insurance documents for further details.

Q: Why do I need to submit the original receipts?

A: The provincial health plans will only accept original receipts. Allianz Global Assistance will keep file copies and submit the originals to the provincial health plan offices. You should keep a file copy as well.

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Information and assistance for Canadians abroad.

Contact Consular Affairs or visit this website for useful tips and information while travelling abroad.


Documents for entry into the United States

Find out what documents you need to enter the United States



Blue Cross offers detailed advice and assistance with all of our travel plans. Contact us prior to travelling, or visit this website to locate a travellers clinic near you to find out what vaccines are required for your travel destination.



Losing travel documents while in another country is always a concern. The Department of Foreign Affairs website provides important addresses and phone numbers for Canadian embassies around the world. However when you purchase a Blue Cross Travel Insurance, our pre-travel assistance services provide the same information as well as other useful travel advice



Travel Insurance for Travelling Canadians

Travel Insurance for Travelling Canadians

Submitting a Claim

If you have a plan for Travelling Canadians:

Call toll-free 1-888-881-8010 within North America

Call collect +1 (519) 945-8346 outside North America

If you have a plan for Visitors to Canada:

Call toll-free 1-877-878-0142 within North America

Call collect +1 (519) 251-5166 outside North America

If you have a plan for Students:

Call toll-free 1-877-331-3134 within North America

Call collect +1 (519) 251-7401 outside North America

Mail any supporting documentation to: 

CoverMe Travel Insurance c/o Active Care Management P.O. Box 1237, Stn. A Windsor, ON N9A 6P8